Site Interview

Back in 2005, I was able to email Austin a few questions (nothing too creative or crazy because I was young and new at this and did not think outside the box, fail!)

Color:  Brown
Movie: Badlands plus 40, 000 others
TV Show : I don’t have a tv
Artist: Bob Dylan
Actor/actress: too many to list
Type of food: Mexican
Book: the day of the locust, Nathaniel West
Subject in school: english

Q: What was the turning point in your career?
A: Six Feet Under

Q: Which movie set did you enjoy working the most?
A: Lenexa, One Mile

Q: If not an actor, what would you do?
A: Something underwater

Q: What was your dream profession as a kid?
A: Medicine (like my dad)

Q: What kinds of projects do you want in the future?
A: Only the best

Q: Interests outside acting
A: Acting

Q: Favorite location to film so far
A: London

Q: Who is your inspiration?
A: father & Percival Everett

Q: Would you change anything about your career?
A: Sure, but can’t dwell on it

Q: Ultimate place to live
A: Underwater, it’s quieter

Q: Previous jobs
A: Professional water skier