About the Site

Austin Nichols Fan: the original fansite for actor Austin Nichols.

Austin Nichols Fan originally started as an MSN group named Unofficially Austin in June 2004. Unofficially Austin was the first MSN group for Austin as well as the first Austin Nichols fan sites on the web.

I decided to move Unofficially Austin to a new server that was more HTML based. Someone told me about freespaces.com; it seemed good, so I moved it there. As well as moving the site there, I also decided to change the site’s name from Unofficially Ausitn to Austin Nichols Fan, which I thought was better suited for the content.

Austin Nichols Fan originally opened on November 17th, 2004.

In early 2008, the server the site was hosted on, crashed and I lost everything. So the site was down for a few months. I moved the website to a Yahoo hosting plan in May 2008. At which point, the site had two domain names austinnicholsfan.com and austinnicholsfan.net.

Due to time constraints the site fell away from me. I began a Tumblr in July 2011, which I updated often, but it never felt like a viable site in its own, more of an extension and addition.

I moved the website to WordPress, due to financial reasons, soon after. I have tried to keep this newest version of the website updated as much as I am able to. I hope to continue this in the future. Unfortunately when the site crashed, I lost stuff that I still haven’t gotten back. Also, there are pages on the old site that I haven’t had time to transfer over to this site yet. I do hope to keep updating (old and new files/pages) as I have time.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.