Fun Facts

Austin is an English name meaning “Great”

Teen Peoples Magazines 32nd hottest guy (October 2004).

Austin is a great water-skier. At age 13, he was ranked 3rd in the world.

Austin is glad he got to have a childhood before he became a star. He says he wouldn’t be who he is with out it.

His family has a big gathering at their cottage for the fourth of July every year (something he never misses).

When he was 8, he use to stand in front of the TV and recite monologues.

He was supposed to go the University of Texas in 1998 but he met a talent agent after sneaking in to a party so he didn’t attend the university.

Filmed parts of The Day After Tomorrow in Montreal

In June 2004, he attended his sister’s wedding and had a little reunion with his family.