This section is for any articles about Austin or any of his projects that I have found online or in magazines. I did not write any of these. Copyright goes to those who did.

NOTE: This section of the site has not been updated in recent years, but I feel it is worthy of inclusion on the site as an archive of sorts.

In Print/Scans

Men’s Health [Jul/Aug 2007]
-Table of Content Picture
-Page 1
-Page 2
-Page 3
-Photo from Page 3 enlarged

TV Guide Weekly [June 18, 2007]
-Page 1
-Page 2

Entertainment Weekly [June 15, 2007]

People Magazine: Austin Interview [June 11, 2007]

People Magazine: John From Cincinnati [June 11, 2007]

New York Post [May 2007]

Ocean Drive Magazine [May 2007]
-Page 1
-Page 2

Men’s Vouge [May/June 2007]
-Page 1
-Page 2

Mens Fitness [February 2006]

TV Guide [2005]

GQ Magazine [2004]

Teen People [October 2004]

Teen Vogue [September 2004]
-Page 1
-Page 2

Vouge [September 2004]

Details [April 2004]


Examiner Interview [November 6, 2009]
myFanbase Interview [late 2008]
Mark Schwahn Talks Brucas, Leyton & The New Love Triangle [November 24, 2008]
One Tree Hill: Hollywood Comes to Town [October 28, 2008]
Filmmaker to Produce Big Drama for Tree Hill’s “Leyton” [October 27, 2008]
Buddy TV Interview: Austin Nichols of One Tree Hill [October 24, 2008]
Austin Nichols Relocates to ‘One Tree Hill’ [September 4,2008]
Secret Side Project:Fencewalker [June 25,2008]
Chris Carter’s New Film (Fencewalker) [June 25,2008]
A Lifetime Movie [June 18,2008]
”Yes We Can” video awarded Emmy [June 6,2008]
Sophia Bush Comes Clean [June 2,2008]
Buddy TV Interview [July 1, 2007]
LAist Interview [June 7, 2007]
TV Closeup:Austin Nichols [August 17, 2007]
Malibu surf, Hollywood turf [July 5, 2007]
*All other older articles were removed from their original websites.