Events + Premieres

I had some free time tonight, so I’ve continued to move stuff over from (which will close next month). This will be the only site remaining, along with the tumblr. I am going to try to have the .net url redirected here when the site closes, so hopefully I can keep that url, even though I’m closing the site on that host.

I moved over a few more pages as well as added many more. I have been collecting photos for quite some time and I’ve finally added them (better late than never?). I also did a quick google search to add even more so, there are quite a few new pictures in the galleries today!

Here is a list of some of the pages I’ve added today! Hopefully I will have more to update this week. Next I’ll probably work on setting up the Candid/In Public photos or rescreencaping The House of Usher (I have no idea where my original caps of the movie are, so I’d like to get that done asap)