The Walking Dead S6 Promo

New Walking Dead Character Portraits out now. Click through to enlarge:


One Tree Hill blogs wanted!

I have come to the realization that I will never have time to screencap all of One Tree Hill. As much as I want to, the reality is, it probably won’t happen. So what I’ve done is added a page for One Tree Hill under screencaps but I want to feature links to OTH blogs and websites that already have screencaps.

I’ve already linked one great resource for OTH screencaps I found, but I would love to link more websites so that people who already spent the time to screencap everything get credit for their hard work and some cross promotion.

So, if you are an OTH site and have photos of Austin as Julian and want to be included on this page, please email me your link and I will add you!

Nostradamus: A Short Thriller

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ACTOR/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: AUSTIN NICHOLS¬†was born in Michigan and raised in Texas from the age of 2. At 18, Nichols enrolled at the University of Southern California and simultaneously began his acting career with small television and film roles. After graduating, a role on HBO’s Six Feet Under led Nichols to the big-budget environmental disaster flick, The Day After Tomorrow.

He followed that up with Wimbledon and Glory Road. It was playing Morgan Earp on Deadwood, where Nichols met David Milch. Milch asked if Nichols would play the title role in his new series for HBO, John From Cincinnati. The very interesting and enigmatic series lasted only one season, but it left its mark on the actor.

Ever since, Nichols has been seeking out great writers and directors to work with. A string of indies followed with The Informers, Beautiful Boy, and Parkland. Most recently, Nichols can be seen on Showtime’s Ray Donovan, playing the dark and tortured movie star, Tommy Wheeler.

austin nichols, nostradamus, amy sloan

Nostradamus, Short Film

austin nichols, nostradamus,

Nostradamus, Short Film

austin nichols, nostradamus, amy sloan

Nostradamus, Short Film (The Actors)