Austin Nichols + Sophia Bush

At a request from an Anon on Tumblr I made three photosets of pictures of Austin + Sophia from when they were together. Feel free to check them out. Not all the photos have made it to the galleries on this site yet but what I have time I will continue updating and adding new galleries.

-First post
-Second post
-Third post

Austin in Chicago!

Austin Nichols in Chicago!

Austin Chicago
Austin has made several tweets now from Chicago. One would assume he is there for a role. As AustinFromTexas pointed out, The Mob Doctor films in Chicago and features William Forsythe, who Austin has tweeted about working with. Can we assume we will see him on network television soon?

Events + Premieres

I had some free time tonight, so I’ve continued to move stuff over from (which will close next month). This will be the only site remaining, along with the tumblr. I am going to try to have the .net url redirected here when the site closes, so hopefully I can keep that url, even though I’m closing the site on that host.

I moved over a few more pages as well as added many more. I have been collecting photos for quite some time and I’ve finally added them (better late than never?). I also did a quick google search to add even more so, there are quite a few new pictures in the galleries today!

Here is a list of some of the pages I’ve added today! Hopefully I will have more to update this week. Next I’ll probably work on setting up the Candid/In Public photos or rescreencaping The House of Usher (I have no idea where my original caps of the movie are, so I’d like to get that done asap)