Ray Donovan Premiere Live Tweet Event

Tweet ScreencapIn case you missed it, Austin will be live tweeting the Ray Donovan premiere. Austin Nichols plays actor Tommy Wheeler in the new Showtime drama, which stars Liev Schreiber as the title character. The pilot is currently available for streaming on Youtube and Showtime’s website, and premieres on the network tomorrow.

I asked about the time and Austin said 7 EST. So if you can make it tweet along with Austin and support his latest project!

Follow Austin on twitter: Aus10Nichols


Austin in Chicago!

Austin Nichols in Chicago!

Austin Chicago
Austin has made several tweets now from Chicago. One would assume he is there for a role. As AustinFromTexas pointed out, The Mob Doctor films in Chicago and features William Forsythe, who Austin has tweeted about working with. Can we assume we will see him on network television soon?