Update 2

Screencaps will take a longer time to upload, move over to this new version of the site. I used to watermark everything, but I have realized that people who are going to steal, will steal watermarked or not. They find ways whether it be editing or cropping to remove the tag.

This being acknowledged, tags are awful and I hate them anyway, so I will be recapping things as time permits so I can upload clean versions of all images from Austin’s television and movie roles. I do hope that people who use them will credit the site, but I’ve seen plenty taken with no credit, so tags are just a hassle for everyday fans, and its not fair. Fans should not have to deal with tags and watermarks because a few people are rude. So ya, just know that screencaps of everything are coming, but this will be an on going effort. I imagine it will take weeks/months to get through it all. So please be patient. Thanks!